juli 2011

She's So Scared To Get Close To Anyone,

Because Everyone That Ever Said " I'll Be There ", Left :)  weheartit.com/artige.no

Nothing hurts more than realizing;

he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him. 

But things can't be perfect all the time

that I know, sometimes we just have to let some things go. And let other things (better things) come 

And then we hugged each other

tighter than we ever had before, knowing that we never would again... 

*I wanna believe that you're this perfect guy and

everything you seem to be is true. But when I look at you, really look at you, I can tell that I'm just barely scratching the surface. You're that book, with the pretty cover, the one that I just c...

I guess to some extent you get used to being alone.

You get used to not expecting phone calls and having nothing to do at night. You don't expect to turn around to open arms any longer. The small sounds of him have been replaced by silence. Your tho...

All I ever wanted

was to make you happy. I can only do that by stepping aside. I just have one favor to ask of you... rememberme. Rememberus, what we used to be...  weheartit.com/artige.no

You're allowed to break the rules when you want someone bad enough.

My friends tell me to let go. They don't think he's right for me. Well, I need him so I'm going to keep holding on tight until he realizes that he needs me too.  weheartit.com/artige.no

I swear guys know how to

get you to cloud nine and then they take away your wings expecting you to be able to still fly.  weheartit.com/artige.no

Life is full of secrets and lies

so when you get screwed over, don't act surprised 

It's Sad To Think You'll Never Be Mine..

It's Even Sadder To Think About That I Knew It All Along.. It was just too good to be true 


Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.

Go ahead and kiss her & make sure you do it right while I'm looking


When your heart is broken,

the whole world is cast inthe crushing gloom of despair weheartit.com/artige.no

I saw you last night;

you held me closeyour cologne surrounded meI felt safemy hands slid slowly up and down your back And then, it was over.. (or woman!) weheartit.com/artige.no

Sad isn't it? How no matter what you do or say to me...

... when you come running back... when you need me again... I'll be here... right here waiting for you, I'll take you back... no questions asked. Sad isn't it?  weheartit.com/artige.no

I wish he meant it when he...

...kissed me cause then I could look back and see someone who loved me but I can only go back and see someone who used me.  weheartit.com/artige.no

For a few minutes...

...you made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone  weheartit.com/artige.no

All I know are apologies, do you feel the shame?


jar of hearts

People think it is holding on thatmakes youstronger, but sometimes it's letting go.      ᥿...

I wish you'd never lied

Tears flowing down my cheekTearing me up as I thinkOf what could have been   www.weheartit.com


I hate this part right here

Just live and breathe And try not to die again.  weheartit.com / artige.no

Since you went away, my heart breaks everyday

And you don't know couse you're not there You simply found the words to make all modern feelings fade away Only you know me A...

Cuz for me, it felt so real..

> one day! To bad, you didn't feel the same  weheartit.com / artige.no

They say disneyland is the happiest place on earth

...they've obviously not been in your arms...  weheartit.com / artige.no

Cuz I'm your lady, and you're my man

 weheartit.com / artige.no

Don't make me close one more door

 weheartit.com / artige.no

Ops I did it again

weheartit.com / artige.no

It was only just a dream

Love like you've never been hurt before


Spørsmål/svar (RANDOM)

1. Hva vasker du først når du dusjer?Håret 2. Hvilken farge er det på yndlings hettegenseren din? hm 3.Ville du ha kysset den siste personen du kysset igjen?jaa.. eller, kommer egentli helt a...

The rumors flew but nobody know how much she blamed herself

 weheartit.com / artige.no


I just miss that feeling.. The feeling of being in love   as always; WEHEARTIT.COM





Hi how are you?








buhu, wine


Good memories, become Bad memories


I miss your smile, but I miss mine more

I miss your smile, but I miss mine more...  omg! KJÆKK!

need some sleep



 Det sägs att ovan molnen är himlen alltid blå Men det kan va' svårt att tro när man inte ser den Och det sägs att efter regnet kommer solen fram igen Men det hjälper sällan de som har ...



Karius og Baktus VS Jan Thomas!



And I don't want the world to see meCause I don't think that they'd understandWhen everything's made to be brokenI just want you to know who I am WEHEARTIT.com


Jealous? Yes, but only because I don't wanna lose you... 

I keep on doing the same thing, over and over again;

I keep on doing the same thing, over and over again; falling apart. Although it's not worth it. You're not worth it!  Yeah,...

no headline

I don't want to be alone Because, everybody gets lonely sometimes

yeah, it was only just a dream

I wish you knew. Really, but no. Maybe you would understand, if you knew.. maybe weheartit.com

All in your head

Boy: Now I've had the time of my lifeNo I never felt like this beforeYes I swear it's the truthand I owe it all to youGirl: 'Cause I've had the time of my lifeand I owe it all to youBoy: I've been ...


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